The explanation of why I want Vietnam tour package

Among tours to Asia such as Vietnam and Cambodia tours and Vietnam Cambodia Laos tour, I like Vietnam package holidays the most. 

1. Street food

Vietnamese food is renown worldwide for its enjoyable taste.The street food stuff of Vietnam is absolutely awesome, most notably Vietnamese broken rice, pho, fresh spring rolls.It is certainly not hard to find a food stall; in fact you will see them anywhere you go.Traveling along Vietnamese street, you would come across street food stalls everywhere.It’s is certainly an incredible experience to eat Vietnamese food on the plastic stools in some small corners.

2. Cross the road
Probably the most essencial things you have to know when you have packge tours in Vietnam is the skill to go across the road.Highway in Vietnam are always overcrowded with motorbikes, bicycles and also buses moving.To cross the roads, the most significant suggestion is simply to move steadily and not to dart through traffict.But the truth is you do not need to get panic, they won’t hit you.It sounds risky, but it is quite interesting when try passing the street in Vietnam.

Best attraction in Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour: Halong bay

3. Coffee
Being the 2nd major coffee producer in the world, Vietnam is the heaven of coffee.You can actually taste the “original flavour of coffee” in Vietnam: they are in fact stronger than usual.Coffee in Vietnam is normally used with sweeten condense milk, which leads to a great flavour. To enjoy the most desirable taste of Vietnam coffee, you can have a sip in Highland coffee shop.Enjoying coffee in the shop of Vietnam helps me feel happy and also at ease.

4. Halong bay
In Quang Ning, Halong, which means “descending dragon”, is a must-go destination for every Vietnam vacation packages.Halong is so attractive as well as well-preserved that it is recognized to be considered to be one of a herritage site of the world.Visiting Halong bay, the splendid view will make you feel like you have fallen into some heaven on earth.In Halong you will notice thousand of high limestone islands.The shapes and sizes of limestone karsts as well as isles is diverse.My experience is to avoid public holiday and peak time if you are going to travelling this place.

5. City parks
The park in Vietnam is lively with people and a wide range of things to do.People in this S-shaped country normally perform exercise or learn how to dance all together in the morning time.Walking or running around the local park could be as a daily activity in the local park.Owing to these kinds of collective actions, Vietnamese people are surprisingly close with each other.If you like to participate in, just join them, the more the merrier as said by Vietnamese.

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