Guide to patch a tire’s puncture with glue

How to patch a puncture in a flat tire with glue

Imagine you were on a backpack to some awesome destinations in Vietnam holiday packages. You were traveling across a beautiful wild forest. And suddendly… Boom! Your motorbike’s tire were punctured! What should you do?

Ok, so today I will share with you the way to patch a puncture in motorbike’s tire. It will be really useful when you go backpack in some solitary place, such as the forest. Now, let’s start.


Guide to patch a tire’s puncture with glue.


If the hole in your tire is too large, you’d better buy a new tire to replace it. But if it is just a little cutie puncture, then good news for you: it can be fixed immediately!

To fix the puncture on your tire, we need to have a rasp, glue, a needle tool and sticky strings.

The fixing steps are:

Step 1: Drain all the air out of the tube

Step 2: Now you need to find where the hole is. The method is quite simple: Inflated the tube with air then identify where the air come out. So in this step, we will pump air into the tube.

Step 3: It’s time for listening and feeling. If there are water near that place, you can drown the tube in water to find out where the bubble come from.

Step 4: Once you found the location of the hole, mark it. Draw the air out of the tube completely.

Step 5: Spread a thin layer of the glue around the puncture site. Allow it to dry until the liquid gloss disappears. Let as much air as possible out of the tube

Step 6: Slide the tube back into the tire. Be sure that the valve stem is aligned with the hole in the rim it sticks out of.

Guide to patch a tire’s puncture with glue

Guide to patch a tire’s puncture with glue


Bump the tires

Inflation tools is a rubber tube of 2 heads: one is attached to the tyre, one replace spark plug. Before inflating, lock the source of fuel, operate the engine until it really ends (out of fuel) -> Remove spark plug -> let gasoline all out -> use gas in cylinder to inflate tires. I prefer a pump which I bought at only 80.000d. You only need to use your foot press some times to let tire full.

Note: before sliding the tube back into the tire, make sure that there are not sands, rubbles or sharp objects in the tire. If you find such objects, remove and eliminate them immediately.

Several tricky tips

  • Remove the object that did the damage before removing the valve stem to deflate the tire and tube completely. This helps reduce the chance of your tire being torn while you move the flat tire.
  • It is a good idea to air down your tires before driving on sand. Aired-down tires have a wider footprint and float better over soft sand than hard, fully inflated tires. Then you should reinflate your tires.
  • You can insert straw into the tires. This will enable to drive until you reach the nearest garage.

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